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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quantum of Solace

“Quantum of Solace”
Authors Note: I am a big Bond fan but have some issues with how he handles himself and how he takes up with women and then ditches them for the next beauty that comes along his path. I have watched I think all of the Bond films, except for the “Casino Royale” from the 1967 , just could not sit through a mockery of Bond and I have never liked Woody Allen in any part he has played, nor have I liked any movie he has even directed. So the following poem is more than likely going to be a downer on Bond per say.

Hello my name is Bond, James Bond.
Of my own name I am very fond
My nature is quite cold
Your tents you better fold
I’ll chase you down
Till you frown
I may seem like a clown
But it is you who will have a bump on your crown
Many cars do I drive, and many do I wreck
That last scratch was nothing but a fleck
I’ll just move onto the next fast auto
My many moves seem like a robotto
Even love is ice cold, can you not tell
I care less if the women do fall
Kiss, kiss bang, bang it’s a game
I’m off to the next flame
I drink liquor
I am quicker
My boss may call me a relic of the cold war
Just look at my flashy fast car
As I drive away from you far
I drink vodka martinis at the casino bar

M is proud of my work; they know I get the job done
After it is done, I will be onto the next job, gone
I will have won the fight
You will have blight
With my gun
I have fun
But at the end I am all alone
My feelings are just a cold bone
I may seem sly
My humor is witty dry
Like the sound of a pianos ping ping
Your head will ring ring
You’re off to prison sing sing
Your chains go ting ting
Sometimes by my actions you do die
Sometimes even do fry

I will not give you any comfort
There will be much misfortune
A large breath of relief will I have at the end because you are gone
My quantum of solace will I have reached.

March 26-30, 2009

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