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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I cry out

Today is a day of evil.
All around is the devil.
people want to fight.
people want their right.

Can you see
its about me
many so cry
many so pry
can you see
its about me
I want to be free
w/o any legalistic cree

Can you not see
It's all about me!
I want my toys.
I want to be a strong boy
I want my frills
I want my grills

Can you not see
It's all about me!

All I want is love.
As gentle as a dove.

When it comes time to stand before the King of Kings.
I want to hear the distinctive ring of many bells.
I don't want to be in Hell.

After the trump of the last horn.
I want to be brand new born.

Will you show it or will you walk by in utter discust because of my filth.

I am yelling for attention can you not hear it?

Can you see
It's all about me?

Will you please show me the way to true love
As gentle as a dove.

Won't you please come to me and lead me to Him? won't you please come?

Can you see
it's all about me

and not about just you

Reginald Stevenson

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