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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Call to Holy Living

actually got the privilege to preach a sermon in a Sunday keeping church and that sermon was based on this outline.
This is based on 1. Peter 1:13 to 2:2
1. Clear Thinking.
A. Look forward to All the special blessings that will come to you at or before the return of Jesus Christ!
B. No Pride or Self-centerdness should be found in those with clear thinking
C. A Biblical scholor goes so far as to say with confidence that there will be constant communication between heaven and earth be means of the angels and that people will start living like the apostles and disciples did in the first century. And this is already going on.
2. Self-control

A. Fear of what other's think of us can be a controlling factor in our own lives! Who are we going to let control us? God or man?

3. Don't slip back into the "old man of sin" or do not slip back into your old ways of how you used to do things.
A. Be holy in everything that you do.
B. When we stop being afraid of the judgement of others we can gain control of self and present ourselves holy before God through Jesus Christ.
4. Obey God
A. Should be willing to obey God's voice no matter the cost, when you hear it.
Has a still small voice been pricking your heart and trying to get you to do something for God? If so I encourage you to do what the voice tells you to do because from personal experience I can promise you that when you do what the still small voice tells you to do you will recieve a blessing when you go do what it tells you to do or soon after you do what it tells you to do!

5. Have reverant fear or respect.
A. Love God enough to respect His wish's and not yours.
6. Through accepting Jesus Chris's free gift of salvation you have come to trust God!
A. confidence in God
B. Sincere love for one another!
7. Love one another intensely.
A. No self involved here at all.
B. New life WILL last forever
8. Get ride of spite and ill will, lieing, hiding things, not living the will of God, Jealousy, and Backstabbing.
9. Crave pure spiritual milk (can only be givin from the Holy Spirit and by His power alone)
Crave means this
A. Cry out for
B. Desire greatly
C. To beg- as a Child
D. Long for
E. To need
The opposite of crave is craven which means cowardly, base( evil, craven(graven) image)

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