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Thursday, February 16, 2012

i judge you, you judge me

I walk into your church wearing filthy torn clothes and smelling to high heaven and your first thought is one of utter disgust. I look into your eyes and see your disgust and turn around to walk out knowing that I am not welcome here in “your” church. I have been committing some horrible terrible sin in the church and you find out about it and start spreading rumors about it and get the church so riled up that they decide to toss me out of the church. The truth of the matter is that behind closed doors and in secret you are committing the same exact sin that I was committing but in a way bigger way and worse manner then I was doing. We as Adventists have been conditioned to not hold up our hands in praise and also to look down on those who do so, why is that? What is so wrong with it? Where in the Bible does it say thou shalt not use hands to praise? Who are we to be so judgmental of those who do praise God this way? We do these kinds of judgmental things every day and in many different ways, but why do we do it why can’t we just get down on our knees and serve our brother, why can’t we go up to the filthy man and shake his hand and welcome him to the church, why can’t we turn around and give the panhandler on the side of the road some money or some food? Oh but brother Stevenson they need to be out working and doing something to support themselves. My friend’s is that what Jesus said to the woman caught in Adultery? Did he tell her to go out and find a better way of supporting herself; did he judge her in any way shape or form? So if we are to follow Jesus’ example oh come we are not doing so, why are we not out here reaching out to those that have sinned and telling them that God loves them?
If any of this comes across as me being angry, I do sincerely apologize. Things have got to change in our churches to the place that people are welcomed not matter where they are in their walk with Christ.
May God give us the wisdom to open our church doors to anyone who comes through them?
God bless one and all.

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