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Saturday, August 31, 2013

burning man festival. Satanic

This happened right here in Amerika. Wake up peeps

Frank's Story

The story I am about to share with you is someone else’s testimony, but in a major way it has affected my life and I hope that you will be able to see this.
            It was the year 1961. Frank had just graduated from Shendoah Valley Academy and was glad to go home to Perryville, MD. Like most 19 year olds and other young folks he loved to go out ingathering raising money for disaster relief and third world development.
            On the night of December 30, 1961, he was out with some friends doing this very thing. Unfortunately their car got a flat tire. Frank and his friend Jim got out to push the car off of the road. Suddenly another car speeding to escape from the police came out of nowhere and hit both Frank and Jim. Jim’s Legs were broken but Frank was tossed twenty five feet into the air.
            Frank ended up in the hospital. He was unconscious for seven months and was in the hospital for a total of thirteen months. Frank would not give up. He had to learn to talk again. He had to learn to walk again. The inside of his body was so torn up from the accident that they had to tie him together with stainless steel wire.
            Nearly one year later on October 20, 1962 Frank’s father and mother took him to church for the first time since the accident. Three days later He started walking with a walker. Only a few weeks later Frank went back out ingathering and together with his father he raised about seven hundred of the church’s humanitarian goal. On nights when it was snowing and only the bravest people would come out, Frank would call up and ask; “What time shall we be leaving”.
            Many of you may be wondering who this Frank is, well his name was Edward Frank Stevenson, my father! My father enjoyed telling his testimony to everyone he met. It was his testimony, his story. Because of my father’s example and also my mother’s example, I tell you today that I am a follower of Yahweh and a believer of our savior, Yeshau/ Jesus! Even though I can no longer thank either my father or my mother. I will clearly say that they are both responsible for teaching me to love Yeshua/Jesus!
            The message I wish to share with you today is that we should never get discouraged, never give up. We should not be resentful or bitter because something bad has happened to us. We must all press forward. Yeshau/Jesus coming is just around the corner. Look for it with Joy!

Feasts of trumpets to be fulfilled.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Meteoride explodes over Tennessee

WW3 coming

All of this posturing and lies that are going on about Syria is just a fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and the king of the north prophecy's. Do not believe that chemical attack lie, because there is evidence that suggest that USA or her allies where the ones who did the attack. Keep watching things are quickly coming to a head and we will be going home soon! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Will you sell out to the Muslim Brotherhood?

People we are seeing an increase of Muslim extremism in this world. There have been tweets on twitter that out right say that Christians will eventually also bow down to the Muslim Brotherhood if the Christians do not follow orders. Whose orders are we to follow? Mans or YHWH's, I would rather follow YHWH's orders than to follow a religion of hate. People wake up please we are almost home.

Vegan diet good for you

If you have the space to grow a garden of your own, by all means do the same thing that this lady is doing :).

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meteor ISON coming

A clear sign of the end. Something that probably has never been seen at least in our time. There is also evidence that suggests that the Comet may be a coverup for a space ship!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Obama removed breakfast for troops in Afganistan. Crazy!

Only phony christians oppose Obamacare??? Really? Wow

This is just another lunatic statement.

Gas prices could go up..

Gas prices could not only go up but this could hurt our economy even more and eventually crash it altogether. Look for because it will happen sooner or later. Get ready peeps more things to come!

Civil rights do not matter if you are a terroist.

"“Terrorism” was the word repeatedly used, with Army spokesman Ahmed Ali succinctly summarizing the state’s logic of violence. “When dealing with terrorism,” he said, “the consideration of civil and human rights are not applicable.” The military-backed cabinet, the security establishment and the allied so-called “liberal” elite have vilified an entire swathe of society as violent extremists unfit for political life."
 Your civil rights do not matter if you are a terrorist? please remember that Christians are and have been called terrorists.

Sharia law is coming to Amerika

Get ready folks persecution is coming...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Muslims to march on DC.

People notice the date.

Learning God's meaning for your name.

Here is how you can find out what your whole name means according to Biblical numerology. I have tested this for years now and I feel that it is time to share my method with the world. What I have found is that many people are not living the life that God intended for them to live. I can almost guarantee that if you work through this that you will also find that you may not be living the life that God made you for. If you are God be praised.

What you first need to do is to work your whole name through the above table. Let’s use my first name as an example.

What you want to do next is to get a total of all the numbers. My number is 43. What you need to do next is to read through the following list of meaning of numbers to see if there is a match for your number, which for 43 there is not so what you will need to do is to break it down into the 4 and the 3, which for my name means flesh or perfection and trinity. You can also had the numbers up which mine is 7 which means perfection. You can do this for each of your given names. You an also do this for your date and time of birth. I am currently doing research into each day of the month also having a theme to it, like for 1 the theme of that day would be unity and for 31the theme of that day would be promise, so far my theory about this part of it has proved correct!

1.    Unity
2.     Division
3.       Trinity
4.   Flesh or perfection
5.     Grace
6.      Man
7.     Perfection
8.    New life
9.      Finality
10.   Law
11.   Crookedness
12.   Government/discipleship
13.   Sin
14.   Salvation
15.   Rest
16.   Love
17.   Victory
18.   Bondage
19.   Faith
20.   Redemption
21.   Exceeding sinfulness of sin
22.   Light
23.   Death
24.   Priesthood
25.   Forgiveness of sin
26.   Gospel
27.   Proclamation of gospel
28.   Eternal life
29.   Departure
30.   Blood
31.   Promise
32.   Covenant
33.   Seed
34.   Patience, endurance
35.   Hope
36.   Enemy
37.   Exaltation
38.   Righteousness
39.   Truth
40.   Testing
41.   Church
42.   2nd coming
45. Inheritance 
 46. Elijah
  48. Sanctuary
   49. Wrath
   50. Holy Spirit.
If you have any questions about the meaning that you get, feel free to contact me at