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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

America divided into 10 regions in 1972

I was like three years old when this happened and look how much closer we are now to the fulfillment of what is being planned.

Something is happening September or October

Monday, July 29, 2013

Desmond Tutu picks hell over anti-gay Heaven

People there will be no homosexuality in heaven at all, that fact cannot be stated enough. God will not allow them in unless they have a change of heart.

Obama still funding terroism

When will this craziness stop?

Sun has a hole in it

Will the fire and brimstone of destruction come from the sun? I have always wondered if that is actually where it would come from and now it looks like the sun is close to actually maybe imploding. We will see, all is still in God's hands.

America the true terroist.

What have we done, why are we allowing this to continue?

Pope Francis on Gay priests

As in the days of Noah so shall the end of time and the coming of Jesus/Yeshua be.

EMP coming in September

Maybe it is time for us to go back to the dark ages. The world will go nuts if this actually does happen.Stand strong in Him as your source of strength.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal baby recieves moniker

Four previous kings named George. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled peeps.

Sprties in the sky

Could this be a sign of end times? These events have not been happening that long or at least they have not been noticed for that long.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pope has Adventist brother?

Pope has an Adventist brother?

From the looks of it the Pope only has a sister that is still living.

"I just got off the phone with the GC. They said the video is a hoax from beginning to end. This Argentinian pastor's SDA credentials were taken away in 2005 and he has started an independent ministry from Chicago. Every detail of the story is a total lie. Pope Francis is the oldest of the children. None of them were ever SDA. All and total lies." Teresa Beem 

Columbia Union Visitor has an answer. see photo on FB.

Federal Probe Rocks Adventist Church

Lake Region Conference accused of financial irregularities, immigration violations

South Bend Tribune, July 25, 2005
Tribune Staff Writer

BERRIEN SPRINGS—The Lake Region Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is under federal investigation in connection with misuse of funds and illegal immigration activities, which could threaten the organization's nonprofit status.

The revelations shocked many of the estimated 730 delegates who attended a special meeting Sunday at Andrews University.  “There’s been a lot of instances of lying and a case of personal enrichment,” Walter Wright, president of the Lake Union Conference, told delegates.

Most delegates knew about the financial crisis and poor internal audit. That news was relayed to about 25,000 churchgoers in 109 worship centers in the Midwest on July 16.

Many knew that the conference’s vice president of multicultural ministries, a treasurer and four pastors were on paid administrative leave in the wake of the Lake Region Conference audit. But the harsh reality, voiced by Wright, silenced many delegates who earlier in the morning raised serious objections about the competency of conference leaders and lack of input they have in selecting leaders.

Many, such as a woman from a church in Cassopolis, said they felt disenfranchised. Late in the afternoon the gymnasium where delegates met fell silent when Wright began talking about federal authorities being on the doorstep of Lake Region Conference leaders. He noted that the ramifications of the inquiries could affect the entire church.

“The effect can be devastating,” Wright said. “If the church loses its tax-exempt status because of things in our conference, that is a real possibility,” he told delegates. According to an internal audit of the conference in 2003 about $18 million in assets were understated or not reported to the government.

The conference also did not report financial statements of “at least six charitable gift annuity agreements” in 2003 and 2004. The result means that in those two years auditors could not “reasonably determine” the conference's total assets and liabilities, according to a memo dated February 2005 to the executive committee of the Lake Region Conference.

Wright also told delegates the church's employment of immigrants who may be in the country illegally has raised eyebrows of federal officials. “What if the Department of Homeland Security comes into our offices and says we’re going to close you down because you’re not reporting illegal aliens and they threaten our national security?” Wright asked.

Then he answered his own question. “That can happen because of our conference,” he said. Wright made it clear the conference is “cooperating with all federal entities” while the investigation continues. In a separate interview, Gary Burns, director of communication for the Seventh-day Adventist Church Lake Union headquarters, could not elaborate about alleged illegal immigration practices of the church. Burns said the Seventh-day Adventist church is a world church, headquartered in Maryland, with operations in 200 countries. Wright’s Lake Union Conference is the parent organization of the Lake Region Conference and four other conferences.

Only the Lake Region Conference, which is championed as a multicultural ministry with growing Hispanic membership, is embroiled in the financial irregularities and alleged immigration violations. The Chicago-based Lake Region Conference was organized in 1945. Wright remained optimistic that the conference would survive. “Look at our dear friends, the Catholics,” he said. “We can’t shuffle people. They didn’t act when they should’ve,” he said referring to Catholic leaders who sometimes moved priests to new parishes instead of punishing them for sexual misconduct. “We won’t do that,” he said.

The following changes were made at the Lake Region Conference Headquarters as a result of corruption charges:

Norman Miles, president, resigned
Hugo Gambetta, vice president, terminated
Greg Baker, treasurer, resigned
Leroy B. Hampton, treasurer, resigned
Lillian Williamson, treasurer, terminated
Vernice Shorey, accountant, suspended

The following pastors were placed on administrative leave of absence, pending further action by the conference executive committee:

Pastor Ciro Aviles
Pastor  Osmin Hernandez
Pastor William Rojas
Pastor Alfredo Solis

Secret Obama plan gives Temple Mount to Palestine

If the temple mount is given to Palestine and if Amerika has anything at all to do with expect some type of punishment to be dealt out by God on Amerika.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

"We Are All Muslims" Mike Bloomberg NY mayor

This is just crazy. Mayor Bloomberg is making a logical error statement by means of an over-generalization. We are not all Muslims, I know I am not! I was born an American, I was born into a Christian family, I would not go out and kill someone and then claim that I was going to get seventy virgins in Heaven. We are getting close to the end peeps. Please wake up.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Agents who arrested Boston bombing suspect die very quickly.

These things keep happening soon after a so called terrorist attack. the fact that these people die so quickly should tell us that the government is trying to cover something up.