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Thursday, February 16, 2012

End time Sermon

Imagine if you will that you have decided to go to a movie and that when you get to the movie you see on your ticket that something is very wrong. The movie that you chose to see is not the movie that you got a ticket for. The ticket simply says "Earth" , well instead of getting upset and complaining, your curiosity is aroused and you and your family decide ok we will go see this movie and see what it is all about. You enter the huge 300 seat auditorium and pick a seat near the rear of the theather, for some reason you really do not feel like being seen by other people. The credits to the movie start, no previews of coming attractions are given, The producer's name comes across the screen and you see in huge letters the word "God" and then you see that the Director of this movie is also God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

Ok you think this might be worth watching so you continue to watch the credits flow and the names of the major players starts to flow down the screen.

Adam, Eve, Moses, Daniel, Hosea, Jeremiah, Mary the mother of Jesus, The twelve disiples.

The movie starts, but for some very odd-ball reason it does not start at the very beginning of the movie it starts in our very recent history.
You see the recent events that have happened on this earth. The destruction of our world by an increase of world-wide disasters. Sickness and pain caused by mans desire to worship and please only self. As the movie comes up to our current time-frame something very odd happens the movie just dead stop's, no credits roll, no closing fanfare plays, the theater employees come in and apologize and say to you "we are truly sorry but this movie is not finished as yet, it is still being written right now"

We have stepped into an unfinished movie my friends, a movie that must play it self out for us to be able to make it to our true and rightfull home called Heaven. Life is getting way to easy to live. When you go to the grocery store all you have to do is go through a self-check out line and most of the time you will get out of the store very quickly. We have instant microvable food left and right.We also have boxed meals that all we have to do is add a couple things to them and pop them into the stove and presto "Dinners ready Honey". We as a nation do not take the time to sit at the dinner table and talk about our day, instead its lets see how fast we can finish dinner because we have to take little susie to band, and we have to take little billy to soccer practice and oh yea we can not forget that we have to walk little pepper the family dog and somewhere in here we should have some time for good old mom and dad to spend with each other. Oh and let us not forget that we must have at least 15 minutes for God, but I just do not know where in the world we are going to put that fifteen minutes of time, We are so very busy that I just don't know if I have time for God. What has happened to us people, what has happened to us that we forget the very reason we were created for. We Where created to fellowship not only with God but with each other, we where created also to praise God not only with our mouths but also in how we live. What ever happened to a simple life? Ellen White longed and wished that we would get back to a simple life like the apostels and disciples lived in the first century. Turn with me to Acts 2 verses 42-47 and could someone please read these verses for me.

We as christians do not live like this at all. In fact we would rather be out here working ourselves into an early grave for something that does not really exist. Money was not created by God, my friends, it is soley an invention of man. Now please follow me with this logic here for a minute. If God did not create money then money is nothing at all to God, If money is nothing then it would stand to reason that if I took a 100 dollar bill and burned it up that the 100 dollar bill would still be there because all I have done is burned up nothing. We go to work every day thinking we have to work for our lively-hood when in truth we are killing ourselves at times. Bill Gates may be the richest man in the eyes of the world but to God his billions are as nothing at all. Am I saying that we should not work. no I am not because if I was I would be going against even Jesus' example of working with Joseph in the carpenters shop.

Getting back to the movie idea for a minute. Who would like to be a major player in this movie that is now playing out all over this world. I know that I want to be a major player in it. We as christians have got to stop living like we are the ones that control each other. A friend of mine in an email to me said this "Excuse me but whoever came up with that idea" You think that I can control you, are you allowing me to control you? If so why? God and the Holy Spirit are the ones who are in control and we are the ones who must be willing to be submissive to their control and do exactly what they would want us to do. Oh, but wait a minute brother Stevenson " We can not live like that we can not do that" Excuse me for saying this but I am getting sick and tired of hearing that excuse from people who profess to be christians. If we proclaim to be Christ's disiple's then we had better be willing to be submissive to His will for our lives!!! Amen?

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