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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 Start of day" one expecting to go to heaven should take time to learn the route.
Jesus picked ordinary people to do extraordinary things. What exactly makes a person great in the eyes of God? How do we present ourselves to each other? we need to break down cultural barriers and be willing to cross over to draw people closer to God. Only we can choose to separate from God. what is it that keeps people in church?
1. friends
2. group association( mens groups, womans groups, kids groups)
3. Theology

prejudice's against those who keep the Seventh-day Sabbath have gone down.

what is a safe church?

S- Sabbath
A- Affirmation, acceptance, answers, attitude, affiliation, advantage, action
F- For
E- Everybody

Mad Antohony mud run Coyner Springs Dog Park Waynesboro va. This lady in the wedding dress had just gone through a really bad divorce and wanted to ruin her dress.Run the race set before you, learn the race, make sure you know it inside and out.

 midway through the race. it does not hurt to get a little dirty in this race towards heaven.

End of race.

put on your clothes get ready for you wedding to God. He is coming, are you ready?

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