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Friday, February 17, 2012

God Challanges Job

Job 38 and 39

All are from New  living translation

1. was you at creation
2. I did the laying out of the earth (God)
3. What/Who holds the earth up
4. Who gave the seas their boundaries?
5. Do you control the sun?
6. Do you spread the light?
7. Have you explored the springs?
8. Have you searched out the depths of the springs?
9. Do you know where the doors of the shadow of death are?
10. Gates of utter gloom?
11. Realize the extent of the earth
12. Do you know where the light comes from or where the darkness goes?
13. Can you take the light or the dark to its home?
14. Do you know how to get there?
15. Have you visited the clouds?
16. Have you seen the hail bank?
17. Do you know the path to the origin of light?
18. Home of the east wind.
19. Who created the streams?
20. Path for the lightning
21. Rain falls on barren and desert land
22. Rain satisfies parched ground
23. Does the rain have a father?
24. Where does the dew come from?
25. Who brings the ice (living translation implies mother)
26. Frost from the heavens
27. Can you stop the stars?
28. Restrain Pleiades or Orion
29. Who put the stars in their proper sequencing and gives them proper guidance
30. Do you know the laws of the universe/ God rules the stars and the earth?
31. Can you make it rain
32. Can you make lightning appear?
33. Who gives intuition and instinct?
34. Can you count all the clouds?
35. Do you know where the water jars of heaven are or do you control them
36. Can you feed the wild lion's
37. can you provide food for ALL the ravens
38. do you know when mountain goats give birth
39. have you seen wild deer born
40. how many months do they carry their young
41. what time do they deliver?
42. Who makes the wild donkey wild
43. wild ox be tamed
44. will it stay in your stall
45. can you trust it
46. can you trust it to work for you
47. Will it return to the barn bringing grain to the barn
48. did you give the horse its strength and flowing mane
49. did you give it the ability to leap forward like a locust
50. do you make the hawk soar and spread it's wings to the south
51. is the hawk at your command

God continue's to challenge Job

Job 40-41

1. Can you discredit my justice and condemn me so you can say you are right
2. are you as strong as me? Can you thunder w/ a voice like God
3. Can you catch a crocodile w/ a hook or put a noose around it's jaw
4. can you tie it w/ a rope throught the nose or pierce it's jaw w/ a spike
5. will it beg for mercy or implore you for pity
6. will it agree to work for you
7. can you make it your slave for life
8. will it be your pet or your kid's pet
9. will merchants trade it
10. will it be killed by darts or harpoon

in Job 41:34 it is implied that the crocodile is the greatest of beasts, if this is so could it then eat a lion and the answer is .......

What are we to take away from this? We do not know the power  of God, at least not His full power, we assume that we do know, we think we know better than God at times, we don’t trust God like we should, and we are just plain downright selfish little beings who run around on this little earth breathing our minuscule breath of a life.

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