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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My decision from 1989

           My Decision

                I am a young man. I am important to Yahweh/God. I am important to this world I live in! There is work to be done through my body, my mind, and my spirit that only I can do!
For this reason I was born, and only as I fulfill this purpose will I realize true satisfaction in living! Only as I fulfill this purpose will others be blessed the way God wants. Only as I fulfill this purpose will I be the kind of man my parents want, the kind of man my future wife and children need. Only as I fulfill this purpose can I be who I’m really supposed to be.
The choice is mine. I know that God does not force my will. God is a gentleman. If I choose I can live without purpose. I can choose softness, laziness and indolence. I can escape reality with drugs, drink, daydreaming, television, and pornography. I could choose to do my own thing, go my own way, never finding the reason for which God placed me on Planet Earth. But the world will suffer if I choose this course. God will be saddened. And I will, in the end, have less than what God has purposed for me.
I realize that my mind and body and spirit were entrusted to me for something important. I realize that I must be a wise president to rule, lead and unify these three entities, my mind, and my spirit. I want your help with this challenging task Father in Heaven! Help me to conquer! To build! To work heartily! Help me to keep in communication with you, the great Creator of Heaven and Earth! Please link me to yourself with your great love and power that I might experience real life!
Since, Father, you have this plan for my life, and since you have a special work that only I can do, I accept your challenge, if you will promise to help me. I will place myself in training now. I will seek to live in harmony with your physical, spiritual and mental laws, and I will allow you to shape my mind, sharpen my faculties, and strengthen my body and spirit so that I may become a real man, a man in demand. Thank you for shedding your blood and giving your life for me, Lord Jesus.

Reginald Stevenson 2/9/1989

Resigned 9/10/13
Reginald Frank Stevenson
I will say that I strayed very far from this plan for my life, living a very prodigal son style life. Quite frankly living against what He has designed me to be. May I never do that again.


  1. we all make mistakes and hopefully we all grow
    from them. thank you Heavenly Fat
    her for keeping your son, so that he would be able to renew his faith in you and walk the rest of his life in your will not his own. love you, mama nancy