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Monday, September 9, 2013

Beatitudes: An advancing line of Christian Experience

1.       Poor- weak in spirit, not proud or mighty
2.       Hungry- for knowledge
3.       Weep- because of own sin and because of others sin
4.       Hated, excluded, mocked, cursed

1.       Need for Yehovah/God
2.       Mourn
3.       Meek- gentle and lowly, humble
4.       Hunger and thirst for justice, His justice
5.       Merciful
6.       Pure heart
7.       Work for His peace, true peace
8.       Persecution comes
9.       Mocked, persecuted. Because you belong to Him
10.   Be Happy- great reward awaits
Serve others! We are to do the same Matthew 11:29, Matthew 16:24 Deny Self Daily!
Independence/Self –supremacy are tokens that are gifts to Satan.

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