Thursday, February 28, 2013

Standing on the Rock

I mourn
I am forlorn
I am longing
To Jesus I am belonging
Storms may blow
Winds of doctrine may flow
My foundation is built on the Rock
Walking Hand in hand with Jesus down every block
The shifting of sand
Will not move me from my stand
Friends may Him abandon
I will keep on a standin'
Storms may blow
winds of doctrine may flow
Friends I will lose
They are minus a clue
Let them go I must
A future without them I will adjust
my heart may break
I will let go of the ache
Storms may blow
Winds of doctrine may flow
I will take it a day at a time
my mind I will keep in a good frame
I might be all alone
In Heaven I will become full grown
It may be stupid
not shot by an arrow of cupid
to Jesus I will hold tight
With Him I will lose not this fight

Reginald Stevenson

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