Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christian lies coming

Christ is within

The danger of this is that it does not say that Christ is in the heart, it by implication says that Christ is in the whole body, every single inch of it and that every part of us is part of God. The end result of this will be that many will believe that they are 'gods'.

Do not look for Christ in the sky, look for Him in your heart.

The danger here is that this does away with the second coming and again by implication says that we are gods.

There is more than one lake of fire. This is an outright lie, there is only one lake of fire.

That Jesus/Yahushua name is somehow tied to paganism. Do not believe this lie for one second. Satan/Lucifer is such a master of deception that he has made it so there are names of pagan deities that closely mirror the name for Jesus. Do not fall for this trap of Satan at all, I did for a while and I wish that I had seen this trap for what it is, a lie.

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